First Week as Parents.

Well we got what we have been waiting for. We finally were able to bring a child into our home. Edgar is blood. He is Juans nephew and he is the cutest thing in the world. Edgar is 3 years old and seems to adapting very well to his new family as we have been adapting well as well for being new parents. We took him to the dr to get checked out to make sure that everything seemed OK and he is a healthy kid. Edgar is in the lower percentile of weight and height especially for his age but not to worry as we are planning on beefing him right up. 🙂

Yes like all situations there are some things that still need to be ironed out but time will only do that. Edgar ONLY speaks Spanish and I really do not speak Spanish at all. I know enough to get by but at times there is still issues with communication but again I have no clue of the background of this child and i am sure that all this is new as well.

Juan and I also enrolled Edgar in Daycare and he is actually going to the same sitter that Cameron and Cooper go to or have gone too. Stephanie seems to be doing a great job with him as again there might be a language barrier there as well but she seems to say that there is no issues with it at all which is good. 

Everything seems to be going well and everyone is adapting nicely and i cant wait for whats to come. 

Below is a picture of Edgar and Myself Feeding the ducks at the park

Edgar and Ducks 

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