Wrapping up Things

Since moving to Maryland we have been busy trying to get aquatinted to our new living situations. Finding a new daycare, finding new friends, adjusting to the time difference, and  trying to finalize our adoption of Edgar. Edgar’s mother finally signed paperwork allowing us to adopt Edgar without any pain. Once she signed paperwork the ball started rolling again.

Once we turned in the paperwork that Edgar’s mom signed we had to tell our social worker from San Diego that we had moved out of state. She had a big clue that we had moved but nothing official had never been said to her. Once we told her we had to write up a court affidavit asking for permission to remove Edgar from the State of CA for move than 30 days. We also had to find and pay another adoption agency that would complete our “Post Adoption Home Visit”. Finding a company that would do this for us was fairly easy. However we had to have each party talk to each other so that the requirements were fulfilled per CA law. We also had to complete another background investigation for MD which was even more money. Edgar’s mother also had to fill out one other form that basically asked of the whereabouts of Edgar’s Father.

All home studies, legal forms, and background checks are complete and in good standing. However there is just a little block in the road now as the social worker from SD informed us that a PO box for the father was found and that they were sending out a letter and checking to see if there are any responses. We have asked Edgar’s mother if she knew of any PO Box and if she had any whereabouts of Edgar’s father and she knew nothing about his whereabouts so there should be very little worry about finding his father. This is not confirmed but i think that once the letter from the social worker has been sent out we think that the father has 30 days to respond.


On another note being in MD the law for same sex couples has changed since Nov and Juan and I are now able to get married. Juan and I have decided on May 22nd 2013 to tie the knot. We will legally married in MD but we are having the ceremony in Jacksonville, FL. Many people are wondering why on a Weds and not on a Fri or Sat. There is a special reason for the date as both of my siblings were married in May. My Sister was married on May 20th and my brother was married on May 21st. May 22nd will be Juan and I’s big day. We are both very excited to finally be married and we get to have a dream wedding on the beach.

It seems that our little family is finally becoming legal and legit. It feels so good knowing that  2013 will or atleast should be the year that the Jones family finally comes together.