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The First Month of being a Daddy and Papi…..

Well a month has passed and Edgar, Juan, and myself are getting into a routine that we are finally getting used to. Several friends have met Edgar already and they are just as excited as we are to have him in our lives. Some of our friends have even had a chance to babysit for a couple hours while the both of us had to work.

There are several things that we would like to mention that we think are key milestones of this first month adventure. The most ongoing event that we are trying to do is potty training. This task is very hard to do from what i hear and we also have heard that boys are the hardest to train. There have been many times that Edgar literary fights us to sit on the potty. Once we get him on the potty he ends up going with out any issues. Also it seems that he is really too lazy to tell us when he has to go as it seems that he gets really quite when he goes and then acts like nothing happened.

Juan and I really have no clue of the past history of this child but it seems that Edgar was never introduced to TV. Another hurdle that  we are dealing with is that Edgar will scream and argue to eat or even go to bed because we wants to watch tv. We basically have bribed him to eat or he is not to watch any tv. On several occasions there have been times where he is at the table for over an hour before he decides to finally eat. The thing is that we know that Edgar is hungry and we know that he likes the food but he just wants to throw a fit. I think that he is finally getting it that Juan and myself do not play around and that we are not going to give into his crying.

The last thing that i am very proud of and i posted in one of my last post was about Edgar going to bed with the TV on. Since my post Edgar has done very well and we now read books at night and he enjoys the books and us both reading to him. Juan and I typically read a book each to him before bed. last night he actually asked for us to take him to bed and read to him. I was so proud of that moment and I am sure that there will be more moments that I will be a proud father. 

Overall the last month has been a successful month as we seem to have a handle on things and I think that Edgar is a very good kid and just like every kids needs tons of love and attention.

Below is a pic that brandon took while he was watching Edgar for couple of hours while we had to work.  Thanks again Brandon and Erald.

Not only a thanks to the Abshires but to the Jones’s, Morenos, and my mother and father for your support and help this past month. if i forgot anyone.. thank you too

Box Edgar