A long time coming and some great news :)

Two weeks ago Juan received news that his Grandfather had passed away. Juan felt that he needed to fly back to Mexico to pay his respects as his grandparents raised him for several years while we was growing up.

After the funeral Juan was able to spend some time with his mother and see some of his other family members before he had to head back home to Maryland. While Juan was back in Arizona he was able to meet up with Edgar’s mom and get her to sign the long awaited paperwork that would give up rights to him and basically give them to Juan and myself. Juan did not tell me right away but when he got home he surprised me with the great news.

I have been under a great deal of stress since moving here to Maryland as I am not very happy and i have a lot going on. Juan waited to tell me the news for when he got home because he knew that this news would really make my day. Not only did it make my day but it really cheered me up and I am so much happier now because there was some doubt in my mind that i was going to loose Edgar or just have to go through Hell getting him legally ours. I do have to thank Edgar’s mom for giving us the chance to have a child and that she knows that he will have a great life now that she has made the right choice.

The next step is a little unclear at this point because The social work told us that the next step would be a final home study. Well there is a little issue with that…… We Live in Maryland now  😦 We still need to make sure that San Diego will do all the paperwork and everything before this is final.

I am solo Happy now that we actually are almost there and we have a beautiful boy that is healthy and full of Joy.

Below is a pic of Edgar in his Halloween costume.