Here we go again…. Round 2 Home Study Visit

The long wait is finally over for at least this step of the process. Today we are having our home visit by our new social worker for the independent adoption of Edgar . As we have had other visits in the past we kind of know what to expect. I just hope that this social worker can help us fill in the blanks and tell us what to expect next. There are so many moving parts this adoption that we cant wait till it is all done and over with.

Things that we expect that the social worker will be looking for are of the following:

1st she will want to see where Edgar is sleeping.

Next she will ask where we keep our meds,chemicals, and I am sure our alcohol.

The social worker is basically making sure that the house is suitable for Edgar and to make sure that we are keeping him out of harms way.

Once she inspects the house we will probably sit down and chat for a while about the process and what we should expect.

We are both excited about the meeting but just cant wait till it is over b/c it really is a hassle and a nuisance. Juan and I both agree that the county nor no one should have to come in and check the place out  seeing that this child is not a county baby nor is he in the system. We are willing to jump through all the hoops and play their little games but we agree that it is not needed especially since heterosexual couples would not have to go through this process when they are having a baby naturally.

Updates will follow after our visit is complete as this is the first real step in the independent adoption process.


Our Home


Visiting old stomping grounds at the Ohio River

Today Grandma, Grandpa, Juan, Edgar, and Myself all took a mini trip to the Ohio River to my parents land. I haven’t been down to the river in several years and I wanted to show Juan how I used to spend my weekends while I was growing up. The place has changed a lot since the last time I have been there but over all the place looks pretty good. I still chuckle every time my parents refer to the mobile home as their camper. By no means is this a camper and they are not camping.

I was glad that I was able to share with Juan and Edgar part of my life that not many people have gotten the chance to witness or come with. At the same time Edgar and my parents bonded very well and Edgar has found some new best friends. J Papa and Mama.

Here are a few pics that I thought I would share.







Vacation Time

I really love first times. I love the anticipation of being excited and having fun. We are finally taking a family vacation. Edgar is going to get to meet my crazy family and they all get to see this bundle of joy that we are raising. I am super excited for Edgar and my mother to meet i think that they will have fun together. Another first and other part of the vacation is that we are driving from Ohio to New York. This will be a first for all of us and we are all really excited. Thus far we have plans to see the 911 Memorial. I think that the 911 memorial is a very special place and I cant wait to see it in person.

As all parents are when they travel for the first time with their children they are probably concerned about how their children will react to the travel and what they should expect. My main concern is that when we drive from Ohio to New York it is a 8 hr car ride and i am not sure how he will do. Edgar is potty trained but i just do not know how long he can hold it before we have to stop. I am sure that we are going to stop and rest for a while but i hope he does fine.
Another thing is that Edgar has never been on a airplane but i think that he will be fine and actually be excited to be on one. I told him the other day that we were going to be getting on one and he seemed excited.

I cant wait to see all my family and have them meet Edgar and finally show the world that Gay families do work and that we make good dads and papis.

I will try to update the blog as we make our way to the different places we visit.