After a Long Fight it is over and He is finally legally Ours!!!!!!!!

July 5th 2012 Edgar officially became a part of Juan and I’s little family. This moment was such a emotional time for Juan and I that we decided to fly to San Diego to finalize the adoption where we were able to celebrate the moment with all the people that we first started this journey with.

Here is a link to the moment that Edgar became a Jones.



Adopting Edgar was an experience that Juan and I will never forget. The process was long and at times it was painful but we were able to pull through and in the end it was well worth it and Edgar will continue to be rewarding.

Juan and want to thank everyone that has ever supported us and was there for us when we needed them through this process. We are amazed by all the support that we have received and till this day strangers that do not know us thank us and are amazed on the fact that we are a gay family and we have beat the odds of being gay and having a family.

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