What to do????

Juan and I have come to a situation where we are not sure how to handle a situation. Let me just give you a little background of what is going on.

First Edgar came from a place that we are not sure that they even had electricity in the home. We heard that the home just barley got water.

The past week as we have been trying to comfort little Edgar we have allowed him to watch TV while he falls asleep. The problem is that there have been days that i have fallen asleep before him as he just does not want to shut his little eyes. The next day is not so bad but i just want him to go to be at a decent hour.

Last Night i put my foot down I suggested that we put Edgar to bed and not turn on the TV. Juan was very hesitant and said that we should do it slowly. I disagreed and told him that there should be no issue seeing that he had no tv where he came from.

Edgar cried for about 20 min and it made both of us sad. I feel that we did the right thing and he will eventually get used to it and will stop crying after a couple of days.

Like every parent i want the best for this child and I do not want him glued to the TV.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.


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