2 Months Later and……

WHEW…. I know it has been awhile and it probably feels like that we feel off the face of the Earth. Well lots of things have been happening as you all know.

The long awaited month that  Juan (Papi) was gone is over and we have finally found a nice quite neighborhood here in Maryland. We are now living in a city called Silver Spring. For the past 1.5 months we have been living in corporate housing in Gaithersburg but it is finally nice to have a place that we can call home ( Well until we are able to return to San Diego)

As expected from all of our classes Edgar suffered the most from all the confusion. First Edgar was once again separated from someone that cared for him. The month that Juan was gone there were times that Edgar did not want to talk to Papi and he would begin to get upset. It would take either several min or hours for him to want to call Juan and often times he wanted nothing to do with him.

The next thing that Edgar had to deal with was once the movers came and moved all of our stuff Edgar was now without most of his toys. We were only able to pack so much of his toys to take with us. Once we found a home and they delivered all his toys he seemed that he was in heaven. We were informed in dome of our classes that children often have separation issues and one way to cope with it is that they horde things such as food and or  toys. So for the first couple of night like he did when he first came into our home he slept with every single toy in his bed.

Yet another hurdle Edgar had to adjust to is day care providers. First we were forced to remove him from a great daycare in San Diego ( Mrs Stephanie) and then once we got to DC we got a temp daycare which was just as good as Mrs. Stephanie  but as I mentioned it was just temporary. He is now in a i guess you could say another Temp Daycare as we are waiting for the child development center on base to have an opening for him.

All in All Edgar has always been a great loving child and is adjusting better and better each day. He even has a girlfriend at this new day care that he follows around all day.

This blog is not about all my gripes and complains so i am not going to comment on how i feel about being here in MD but I just have to day that i am happy to be closer to family however I am counting down the days until we are able to return to San Diego.

Our New Home