Frustrated and Starting Over

Have you ever put a lot of time is something and then finally realized that it was a waste of time and energy? Well at this point it seems that the past 3 months that we have had Edgar in our home we have been told different stories and facts and it seems that none of them are true or just missing some truth to the matter. I typically do not like to bash people or organizations especially on a public domain. However I can tell you that we are very disappointed and  hurt that we were misled and basically wasted 3 months of our time.

The short end of the story is that we were waiting on the County to give us our final home study as they said they would be able to help us out with since we have already came this far. After numerous emails and phones our social worker finally returned a phone call (Seems like she was always on VAC) just to tell us that she is not going to be able to help us with our final home study and  that they were going to close our case (Keep In mind we had already spend about a year leading up to this point.).

After a long fought battle Juan and I were defeated and we now have to start back at square one and pay about $5000 to have a home study completed. We now have to be fingerprinted once again and have another medical evaluation completed and I am sure that there is other BS that has to be completed.

Another great point of my frustration is that the county was sure fast to collect my money to start this process but it has been 2 weeks since we petitioned for the adoption and I had to call and finally asked them what the status . All I was told that  who our social worker is and that i should call her but as the county goes I called and the call went to voice mail and i am still waiting for a returned call.

In the meantime we are still moving on with our family life and doing family things. Next month we are going back to Ohio to visit my parents. My mom has been waiting patiently to finally get a chance to meet Edgar and it seems she is getting really excited as we are excited to come home and see everyone.

Below is a Picture that we just had taken by one of my friends. Michael Brant via