Tis the Season for Family and Traditions.

Its that time of year again and we are all getting ready for the holidays. This year for Thanksgiving Edgar and i traveled 7 short hours to Lancaster, OH to visit my friends and family. Juan was not able to attend as he is in the retail business and had to work extra long hours in preparation of Black Friday and the Holiday season. The day we arrived was my 10-ish class reunion. I was encouraged to bring Edgar along however by the time we arrived he was not having it. Edgar was exhausted and wanted to go back home with grandma and grandpa. The class reunion was very nice. It was nice seeing all the people that i used to hang out with and still keep in contact today on Facebook. I felt welcomed from my classmates as they wanted to know more about my family situation and I received several complements on how proud people were of Juan and I for doing such a brave job and adopting Edgar. I could have not felt more proud as a father and a gay parent.

Thanksgiving was a time to catch up with family members and continuing all the Thanksgiving traditions that I have missed over the years since I moved to CA. I was truly blessed to have been able to bring my new family to the table and continue these traditions.

Also during our visit I was able to go to the OSU campus for the Michigan and Ohio State game. I spent the day with my two awesome cousins Angela and Clark and Clarks wife Nicole and of course the Buckeyes stomped Michigan 🙂 OH!!!

Once Edgar and I came back home we began our own traditions and started putting up our Christmas decorations. Edgar quickly became very excited. This year we even started a new tradition. Juan and I introduced Edgar to the Elf on the shelf. Edgar named the Elf Mono which in Spanish means either Doll or Monkey. For this purpose i am sure that he means Doll. At first Edgar wanted to touch Mono until we read him the book and explained that he was not able to touch him. So every night before bed he tells Mono that he was a good boy and tells him what he wants Santa to bring him (Its soooo cute).
I have a feeling that this year Santa is going to be nice to Edgar because he is/was a good boy.

Crash Landing in the tree
Crash Landing in the tree

Grandma Rosa was able to vist us for about 2 weeks. We all were happy to have her here and glad that she was able to come. It is too bad that she was not able to stay for Xmas but we had fun while she was here. I especially loved her cooking.
Grandma and Grandpa Jones are not able to make it in time for Xmas but they are coming for New Years. So this year we are going to Aunt Marty’s house to be closer to family and celebrate Xmas together.

We hope that every has a great and safe Holiday season.

Love and Miss everyone,

Brett,Juan, and Edgar

Edgar Telling Santa what he wants
Edgar Telling Santa what he wants

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