Moving Apart

Often times there are things in our life that we decide that we need to make a huge change in order to make a difference in our our careers. With that being said Juan has been promoted and has been relocated to Bethesda MD. Juan will be working at a brand new store and it will open new doors in his career. I told Juan that I would support any decision that he decided to make and he chose to move.

The NEX has agreed to move our entire family at their cost. I think that I would have to decline the move if this was not the case. I am super excited that we are moving closer to my family as I really do miss them. I think that that my sister my become closer as we have had a little falling out over the years so I think that this will be good. The things that I dread about moving is all my friends that we have here in CA and of course the SNOW. I hate the snow and IO thought i would never have to deal with it again.

So Tues Juan moved from San Diego to MD and Edgar stayed with me. We are not moving there until mid July. Last night we got a dose of what separating a child from a parent that is a huge influence in their life. Last night Edgar seemed upset and was throwing a fit when we tried to Face time with Juan. It was really sad and I didn’t know what to do. We ate dinner and we called him back and Edgar seemed to be much better. We have been telling Edgar that Papi is at work and we will see him soon. I feel really bad for Edgar as he has been separated several times through out his life from his family and I know that in less than a month we will see Juan again but at Edgars age I am not sure that he understands.


3 thoughts on “Moving Apart”

  1. Daily phone calls, daily face time, maybe having Juan send special things just to Edgar will help him still feel close to Juan. Also, one thing you can do as well, is make a paper chain and take one off every day so that he will see the time left until he is with Papi again.

  2. I love and miss you like crazy! I can’t wait for you to live here. Yes the snow, the cold and the drivers SUCK but over time you will get use to it. It’s not like Ohio we don’t get that much snow. So that’s a plus!

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