Sick Baby

Well the time came and now is finally over but we all made it out alive. This past weekend Edgar was sick. Friday when i picked him up from daycare i could tell he was not feeling well. Once we got home i took his temp and his temp was a little high but nothing to run to the Dr about. That night he was not in the best of moods and was complaining about his mouth hurting. The next day his fever was down however he kept complaining that when he ate that his mouth hurt. I took a closer look and noticed several canker soars in his mouth. Immediately I felt bad for him as i know those things are annoying and they do hurt. With Edgar being 3 years old I was not sure what I could and what I could not give him. My mother always told me to gargle with warm salt water. So over the course of the long weekend I had Edgar gargle several times with warm salt water.

Edgar was in so much pain that we woke up almost every two hours screaming and just not in a very good mood. He complained about everything and was just not the little boy that Juan and I enjoy raising.

Tue came around and Juan took Edgar to the Dr and he confirmed that he indeed had canker soars and he prescribed Edgar with a “Super Mouthwash” for him to gargle with.

Weds was Edgars first day back to daycare and he was really not wanting to go. When Juan dropped him off he was crying and fussing that he didn’t want to go. However when I arrived to pick him up after work i noticed that he was that loving little boy that had been missing for the past four days. Juan and I both were both so happy that Edgar was back and happy as we both felt really bad for him.

I decided to write this part of the blog because often times as new parents you come to situations where you don’t know what to do as a parent. I felt that this weekend Juan and I hands were a bit tied as we didn’t know what to do for our boy. Several people gave us advice but whose do you follow and is it necessary. No matter the issue we always need to think the best for the child and hope for a speedy recovery.



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