Home Study Complete…Success!! :)

Last week he had our first home study and it went very well. We finally were able to put a face with our workers name and meet face to face.
The thing that surprised Juan and I was that she really was not there to make sure that our house was clean and or that it was “Safe” for Edgar. She sort of told us that we are paying for her to come out so she really did not care to look for those types of things. The main reason that she was there is that she wanted to see how Edgar interacted with Juan and I. She wanted to see how he was physically and mentally. I am very proud of Edgar because typically when someone new comes in the picture he is typically a little stand offish until he gets to know the person. In this case Edgar jumped right in and actually tried to get the worker to come play with him. 🙂 It was actually really cute and made me Love him more and more. She did actually tour our home and was impressed and said that she liked everything.
I dont know what it is but we mentioned that there might be another baby in the picture (A Girl) and she asked if we were going to try to get her. I jumped up and said “UMMMM No” “Well… Not in this house. Maybe if we had a bigger one”
The social worker really wanted to talk and yes she could talk. I think that our interview was over in about 45 min but she ended up staying for another hour because she wanted to keep talking. All in all the visit was very good and we kind of have a better picture of where this is all going. Paperwork is suppose to go out and so on (Without going into detail). The ball is definitively rolling and i hope this process is smooth and quick.

2 thoughts on “Home Study Complete…Success!! :)”

  1. I am so happy for your family!
    We need to catch up! We should try to go out to eat sometime!
    Hang un there!

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