Vacation Time

I really love first times. I love the anticipation of being excited and having fun. We are finally taking a family vacation. Edgar is going to get to meet my crazy family and they all get to see this bundle of joy that we are raising. I am super excited for Edgar and my mother to meet i think that they will have fun together. Another first and other part of the vacation is that we are driving from Ohio to New York. This will be a first for all of us and we are all really excited. Thus far we have plans to see the 911 Memorial. I think that the 911 memorial is a very special place and I cant wait to see it in person.

As all parents are when they travel for the first time with their children they are probably concerned about how their children will react to the travel and what they should expect. My main concern is that when we drive from Ohio to New York it is a 8 hr car ride and i am not sure how he will do. Edgar is potty trained but i just do not know how long he can hold it before we have to stop. I am sure that we are going to stop and rest for a while but i hope he does fine.
Another thing is that Edgar has never been on a airplane but i think that he will be fine and actually be excited to be on one. I told him the other day that we were going to be getting on one and he seemed excited.

I cant wait to see all my family and have them meet Edgar and finally show the world that Gay families do work and that we make good dads and papis.

I will try to update the blog as we make our way to the different places we visit.


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