Accomplishing one of the hardest Parenting Tasks

Juan and my first goals as a parent was to potty train Edgar. Juan and I were very determined to make this happen as we all know that potty training is one of the hardest tasks for parents to complete especially in a timely manner.

I can not officially state that Edgar is completely potty trained as he still has accidents from time to time but he has come a long way. In 2 months times Edgar went from fighting Juan and I to telling us that he has to go pee pee. Edgar was so out of sync that he even decided that the shower was an OK place to go potty. Juan and I basically had to trick him to get him to go potty in the toilet. Yesterday I think Marked the day that I became very proud of Edgar. At Day Care he apparently just went to the bathroom and went potty.

We still continue to watch him like a hawk and continuously ask him if he has to go pee pee and his reply is a typical “Pee Pee No” response.

Potty training is defiantly¬† a conversation piece that all parents can talk about and give advice about. The only advice i can give is that you need to keep with it and keep in mind how much money you can save once they are out of diapers. However… My bathroom reaks of urine as Edgar has not quite learned how to aim in the toilet but i am sure he will get it in time.

Another bummer that i wish that they would make a standard in public places is the height of the urinal. Edgar is not a tall boy and he has a hard time using public restrooms because of it. If there is any type of trick i would love to know but most of the time he is peeing all over the place.

If anyone is potty training currently i wish them luck and don’t give up.





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