Edgar’s First Xmas 2011

We are not too sure of Edgars past but we tried to celebrate this Christmas as if it was his  first. This year Edgar was able to meet with Santa. From the picture below I am not too sure what Edgar was thinking nor do I know if he understands who Santa is at this point. Edgar was really exited when we decided to decorate the house and put up the Xmas tree he even helped put some of the ornaments on the tree.

Xmas Day was kind of funny for Juan and I as we waited for Edgar to come out of his room and be shocked and surprised  to  what he had found. The funny thing is that we never really came out of his room as he just kept yelling for Juan and I. Around 10am I finally ran downstairs and yelled for him to come. Edgar Ran right past the trees not noticing all the gifts that Santa had brought. When Edgar come upstairs Juan and I both asked him if Santa had came to visit. Edgar replied “NOOO”  🙂

We then walked him down stairs for him to see the presents once again and then at that point he became very excited.

Below is a Picture of Edgar and Santa at a Breakfast with Santa we attended.


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