A new Direction and a new step forward

Well days have gone by and weeks have flown away and we still do not have our completed home study as of yet. We are not sure what the hold up is or why it is taking so long but now there is something a little different on the offering plate.

In a nutshell we are planning on adopting Juans little nephew (Edgar) At first we will only have legal guardianship of Edgar but we are going to go through with the adoption process at the same time. The reason for guardianship is so that we can care for the child legally. We will be able to take the child to the Dr and any other place that might question our status.

At this point  we are a little hesitant on the whole idea as it seems to good to be true. But  we are really getting excited and really want to help this child out. There are other twist and legal issues that i rather not discuss at this time but i am sure that everything will workout especially if it was meant to be.

As our family and friends are worried about our hearts getting broken and we understand the risks that we are taking and if we are not able to adopt little Edgar but are able to change his life somehow i think that it will be worth it.

Attached is a photo of we hope is our soon to be son.


Nov 2, 2008


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