Adoptive Licensed Social Worker

Following the Pride classes a trigger is initiated to have your file transferred to the adoption side of the house. Remember that the PRIDE classes are primarily a requirement for Foster Parents but is required for both Foster and Adoption. Once the PRIDE classes are completed within a month a Adoptive Licensed Social Worker will contact you and set up a “Intake Meeting” with you and your partner. 

The Intake meeting will include signing paperwork and taking paperwork home to complete and return to the worker. At this time the Social worker will explain how the rest of the process will take place and what to expect. the worker will also inform you of any other requirements that  you will need to complete before having a completed home study on file.

One thing that we had to do and we were very proactive on this was that we were required to complete 3 additional classes. There are several classes to choose from however there are some that your worker might encourage.

Another requirement is showing proof of employment and stability as a family. The county claims that they are not looking for rich families but families that are stable and would be able to take care of a child. 

Once all paper work is filled out and returned to the social worker he or she will set up the interviews. The interviews include a interview with each parent and the worker and a final interview with both parents. the final interview will be at your home and the worker will just do a brief overview of your home and then go over the Risks chart or paperwork that list all types of risks that you are willing to accept in a child. The more willing you are with risks the better chance of getting a child. Risk i am referring to Age,Sex,race,handicaps, and ect. 

As of today September 14th this is the place we are waiting. We have not had any interviews but we have turned in all paperwork but we are just waiting for our worker to contact us.

Social worker

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