Home Study(ies)

During the PRIDE classes you are in contact with a Licensing Foster Worker. The foster worker is someone that you are in contact with and this person will visit your house. From all the talk that we talked about int he class people were saying not to do anything to your house before they get they that way you know what you have to fix. Which is not a bad idea and they do not punish you for that either. 

Juan and I thought it was sort of funny the first time that the worker came over. When the worker first came into the house she was like ” Oh yeah there is going to be a lot of things here that are going to need to be changed”. However when she did her initial walk through she ended up only marking us up for like 10 things and most of the things were paperwork and finishing the PRIDE classes.

One thing that really stuck out of my mind is that they really look down on Alcohol in the home. Even though you are allowed to they really frown about it. We had ours up in a cabinet up high where Juan can not even reach at times. The worker stated that it was still in reach of a child. We ended up placing the booze in the cabinet behind the fridge. 

Another thing is that since we were wanting a 0-6 year old he had to be ready to cater to these children so we had to get a crib. Now we thought this was completely dumb just due to the fact that we may end up with a 6 year old and we may not even ever use the crib.

This is where they first talk to you about your background history if there is one. For me I had to gather all the documents such as court docs and just anything that pertained to the event. I also had to write a statement and i had to describe the scene. 

After the first visit we had time to fix and buy the things that were on our list and then we scheduled our follow-up visit. The visit was about 1.5 months later and only lasted a short time. The same worker came back to the house and inspected the house one last time. We turned in all of our paperwork and she said that we have completed the process and now we were just going to be waiting on the county to finalize everything. Our case was not finalized for some time (they have up to 75 days to review your case) because of my background. You know that you were approved and everything is finalized once you receive the license in the mail.


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