Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (PRIDE Classes)

Pride – The guts of the entire process. The Pride classes are Nine 3 hour classes ( There are also Sat classes as well) The class that we took just happen to be on Mondays and they happen to be on Mondays that holidays happen to fall on. Rather than nine weeks to complete it seemed like it was something like 15 weeks. The classes seemed like forever to complete. However each location has their own schedule they are on their own Pace.

In these pride classes each week there is a different topic and different exercises to help keep the class interesting. Typically there are 3 instructors in the class. There is a Foster Social worker, Adoption Social worker, and a Foster Parent. Over the course of the class you become closer to the instructors and the other families in the class.

Each class you are required to bring your pride book which is huge and you are suppose to follow along with the class and really there is no way not to participate in the class as there is a lot of activity for everyone to partake in. Even the shyest people get in font of the class and take at some point. In our class we were lucky enough to have a couple that was hearing impaired and they had a translator in the class and they were able to participate in the class.

At the end of the nine classes the final class is sort of a fun day but a very informative day as well. There are several speakers that come in and talk to the class and tell us what to expect. Some of the speakers that spoke were the county nurse, some person that spoke about about special activities that that children are entitled to, and the best speaker was a birth parent. The birth parent tells their story and really tells their side of the process and the system.

This class was really an emotional, educational, and very exciting expierence. In the class you learn lots and meet great people. At first I thought that the classes would be lame but they were very good.

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