The First Part of this post I will tell about our personal experience and then official information.

Juan and I welcomed one of Juans friends to come live with us. This friend is a great person and now a good friend of mine as well. After a while our roommate decided it was time to move out on her own and decide to get a place closer to work and with a friend that she had met. Once our roommate moved out and we were unsure what to do with the spare room at this point we decided to start thinking about a family and our best options. We are that point decided to adopt and baby and give a child a chance at life.


Official Information that one might consider.

When adopting children keep in mind that there are many hoops that will need to be jumped through and having a roommate in the same house will be just another hurdle that you will need to jump over. When we say that we are not saying that we dis-encourage having a roommate  nor do the adoption agencies but there are things that you should know and keep in mind.

While adopting everyone in the household over the age of 18 will need to be finger printed and a background check will need to be conducted.  Depending on the agency this could become pricey and time consuming. 

If it turns out that the roommate has a criminal background it is not the end of the road for the process nor will the roommate be required to move. Like everything there are waivers for everything and this would be one that would need to be reviewed and waived. Also the roommate will most likely need to fill out and provide documentation of their criminal past.

This just something that should be kept in your mind as you begin to think about the adoption and not as a negative thought of having roommates especially in this day and age with the economy being the way it is. People need to survive and they need a place to sleep.

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