Private & County Adoptions

We began to look around and research about gay adoptions, cost, and the availability of doing so. There are at least two different types of adoptions that we know of. The two types are a private adoption where most of the children that are being adopted are newly born babies. These adoptions cost money and from what we learned you are expected to pay for that child even before the birth of that child. There is even a risk that the birth mother can decide to keep the baby rather than giving it up for adoption. All the money that is put in at this point is a loss and the adopting parents just have to swallow the cost. The cost of the private adoption can range from $12,000 to $50,000 depending on the agency and where you are getting the child. International children are a added fee as well as there is a lot of legal matters at this point.


County and or State Adoptions

Juan and I decided to even help children to a different level. We decided to adopt a child from the ages of 0-6 years old from the county of San Diego. Children that in placed in the county adoptions are children that have been taken away from their parents.Reasons that this parents have their rights terminated are due to several reasons. The most common reasons that parents have their children taken away from them are drug abuse, neglect, abandonment, and in a smaller amount of cases children are voluntarily given up. 

There are several different things that separate the county with the private adoptions. The county actually gives all the tools to the children and the adopting family to be able to support these children. The family is entitled to a monthly stipend until the child is 18 years of age (they are changing this to 21 years).   

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